· Applications of Physical and Mathematical Concepts in Transportation and Urban Mobility

2018-05-15 | 【原文鏈接】


報告內容簡介:The dynamic part of the urban system, consisting of various types of transportation modes and commuters interacting in highly non-trivial ways, is a typical many-body system with both complex and universal behaviours. In this talk, I will present a few approaches in analysing and understanding such complex systems from quantitative, physical points of view, focusing on both the microscopic aspects and emergent phenomena arising from non-linear interactions between different components. In the first example, I discuss about the spatiotemporal dynamics of the traffic flow and the emergence of traffic congestions. In the second example, I discuss about traffic flow management near road intersections in a decentralised way without the use of traffic lights. For the third example I discuss about the dynamics of the taxi systems with and without ride-sharing. I will introduce some concepts about non-equilibrium phases in driven many-body systems, as well as various techniques including modern machine learning and artificial intelligence for the optimisation and efficient management of the urban transportation system.

報告人簡介:楊波:2007年獲得斯坦福大學物理和數學雙學士學位,2013年普林斯頓大學物理系獲博士學位,博士導師為著名物理學家,2016年諾貝爾物理學獎獲得者F.D. M. Haldane教授。目前就職于新加A*STAR高性能計算研究中心和南洋理工大學物理系, 從事強關聯凝聚態物理,非線性動力學,城市交通網絡等相關研究,在PRL,PRB,PRE等刊物發表論文十余篇,其中PRL 4篇,獲得普林斯頓大學Joseph Henry Prize,交通網絡Best Paper Award 2016等獎勵。